Another successful collaboration with Sellafield Ltd

This week we demonstrated ViridiScope on our wall-climbing platform

  • Posted On: 29 July 2021
Another successful collaboration with Sellafield Ltd

Chris Ballard, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Manager at Sellafield Ltd posted on LinkedIn: ‘Great to see the collaborative demonstration today of IAIN, the wall-climbing robot platform, showcasing the capabilities of the ‘Viridiscope’ laser sampler. This has been due to the efforts of Kym Jarvis and her team at Viridian, this project has been developed in collaboration with Innovate UK and Sellafield Ltd with support from the central robotics and AI capability and colleagues in our engineering and maintenance capability. This device, with further development, will provide us with the potential capability to remove operators from dangerous and environments while allowing routine monitoring and inspection of difficult to reach areas. Thanks also to our colleagues at the remote centre of excellence for hosting this innovative demonstration.’


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