Enjoying life in the Innovation Zone

Our laser sampler was still at the prototype stage when Viridian Consultants Ltd first exhibited in the Innovation Zone at the NDA Supply Chain Event in 2015

  • Posted On: 25 July 2022
Enjoying life in the Innovation Zone

A year later we were able to demonstrate how ViridiScope can be used for radiometric characterisation.  Then we were back in the Zone with our portable ICPMS , adding isotopics and stable elements to our toolbox.

Finally, in 2018, following deployments for Magnox Ltd, EDF (UK), Nuclear Waste Services and Sellafield Ltd, we were awarded the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Minister’s Award. So this year we felt like old hands as we introduced our new collaborators HausBots to the Zone.

The NDA Supply Chain Event is the showcase for everything nuclear decommissioning and we have been fortunate to continue to join the impressive group of companies working on innovative ways to tackle the diverse problems of characterisation and waste management.

The event was postponed twice over the past three years so it was particularly exciting to see old friends and finally meet newer contacts, previously only ever seen online, face-to-face. This year there was a strong emphasis on robotics , so we were particularly pleased to be able to showcase ViridiScope on the wall-climber developed by HausBots

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