An unexpected journey towards innovation

Kym says 'What I’ve learned is that to become a successful innovator, you don’t need to know your path from the start.'

  • Posted On: 23 October 2017
An unexpected journey towards innovation
'What you do need to do is realise when there’s an opportunity, and make sure you take it.'
Read about how Kym became an award-winning entreprenuer in the Innovate UK blog - see link below.

'There isn’t one route towards any particular profession, so individuals shouldn’t feel tied to their path, or put off if things don’t work out. I’m a professor working on changing the way the UK works in the nuclear decommissioning space by making it faster, cheaper and more efficient – but few would imagine how this journey began.'

Innovate UK photoshoot at Viridian's workshop

Everything stopped at the workshop in North Wales to watch a professional photographer at work.

  • Posted On: 8 September 2017
Innovate UK photoshoot at Viridian's workshop We were delighted when Innovate UK said they wanted to feature us in their 10th anniversary brochure as one of their 'ones to watch'. They were particularly looking for an in-action shot of what we do in the field and our MD, Kym Jarvis, found herself posing in the workshop and out in the Welsh countryside.
Kym is looking forward to attending the anniversay celebrations in London next week.

Viridian welcomes a new member of the team!

Christopher Sneddon has recently finished his doctoral thesis on the temporal and spatial characteristics of nuclear sector derived radionuclides. He has been working on projects funded by SEPA and the EA to characterise sites to identify hot spots of radioactivity, so he is no stranger to working in the field under challenging conditions while making in situ measurements for radionuclides. His work has taken him around the country, sampling some of the more radioactively contaminated sites within the UK.

  • Posted On: 16 August 2017
Viridian welcomes a new member of the team! Chris says: Having spent the past four years researching various aspects of nuclear sector derived environmental radioactivity, I’m excited by the opportunity to go to the source and work at five high profile nuclear sites. The industrial setting will be a contrast to the saltmarshes, mudflats and inevitable patch of quicksand that I’ve become accustomed to. I’m sure these sites will provide an interesting new challenge as I contribute to Viridian’s field trials of the Viridiscope system. Over the next few weeks I will be helping transform the facility in Northern Wales to allow us to deploy Viridiscope to facilities by the end of the year as well as exploring what Wales has to offer in terms of fishing and scenery.

Viridian has outgrown its workshop and is moving to bigger premises!

Work has begun on our new Innovate UK funded SBRI contract to demonstrate market readiness for our sampling tool ViridiScope®.

  • Posted On: 31 July 2017
Viridian has outgrown its workshop and is moving to bigger premises! The work involves deploying ViridiScope® on five nuclear licensed sites together with radiometric instrumentation for in situ analysis. To accommodate all the equipment – and our two new members of staff – we are expanding our workshop facilities significantly.

ViridiScope® to be field-tested on five UK nuclear sites!

We are delighted to have been awarded a contract under Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund competition to field-test ViridiScope® on five UK nuclear sites.The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK’s world leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time.

  • Posted On: 14 June 2017
ViridiScope® to be field-tested on five UK nuclear sites!

The aim is to overcome resistance to change, a significant barrier that is endemic in the nuclear industry, and thus gain acceptance of this new approach. Field testing will show companies that the tool is fit for purpose and can deliver in real-world, user-facing projects with the performance needed for a wide range of application areas.  We plan to do this by providing the SLCs undergoing characterisation activities with the use of a ViridiScope® on-site for a period of deployment with an ROV, commercial in-situ counting equipment, training and support to allow them to fully test and assess the sampling tool in an active operational environment with high levels of radioactivity. It will show that this technology can offer considerable advantage over conventional approaches, delivering characterisation rapidly, at least cost and with least effort.