Viridian Consultants develops disruptive innovation with support from Innovate UK and Sellafield and is becoming the Go To company for nuclear characterisation sensors. The deployment of ViridiScope is safer, cleaner and faster than existing sampling tools and can take samples remotely. ViridiScreen® provides real time measurement of radioactivity and ViridiScan offers an unrivalled, in situ analytical capability.


ViridiScope® is a totally new approach to sampling for nuclear decommissioning (and elsewhere) that uses a laser to take material from solid surfaces. It is safer, cleaner and faster than methods currently in use and is applicable to materials such as concrete, plastic, wood, plaster and brick for a wide range of radionuclides and for elemental characterisation. ViridiScope® is robust and highly portable, and has been designed to be taken into high activity areas where it can be operated manually or deployed on a remotely operated vehicle at distances of up to 20 m. It can potentially be operated in pipes and difficult to access areas such as glove boxes and high activity cells where sampling is extremely difficult.


ViridiScan® integrates the sampling power and versatility of ViridiScope® into a single solution for on-site, in-situ characterisation. It collects a representative sample from a surface, such as a concrete wall, which is then transferred to an in-line sample preparation unit where the sample is rapidly converted into a solution for analysis by mass spectrometry. Very sensitive simultaneous measurement can be made for a wide range of radionuclides and stable elements in a matter of minutes. ViridiScan® has been developed in collaboration with Sellafield Ltd through an Innovate UK R&D grant.


ViridiScreen is a very sensitive and, importantly, robust alpha detection system, which uses the measurement of photons derived from the interaction of alpha particles with nitrogen in the air, to determine the gross alpha activity on a surface. It permits a surface to be screened prior to sampling with ViridiScope®. The tool makes measurements at a distance of 20 m from its control system allowing remote operation, at height and in pipes. It is anticipated that ViridiScreen will be incorporated into ViridiScope® to form a multifunctional tool, providing a screening facility in real-time prior to selecting where samples are taken for further analysis.